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013 . Carbide Tool and others
014 . Glass suction lifter
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016 . Glass machine or tool
Aluminum ruler
Trigonal Angle
Diamond Hand Pad
two wheel cutter
carbide wheel cutter
Metal Oil Feed Cutter
ceramic cutter
Six Wheel Cutter
Pistol Oil Feed Cutter
Wheel Cutter
Oil Feed Glass Cutter
Diamond Glass Cutter
T Cutter
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Glass Cutting Tools
Glass plier
Suction Lifter
Diamond Grinding Wheel
Multi-Function Kinfe
Carbide Scriber
Core Drill Bit and Drill
Glass Ruler
Diamond Indenter
Diamond Dresser
Glass Disc
Oil Feed Glass Cutter
Glass Cutter
Oil Feed Glass Cutter8822C
oil feed glass cutter.glass cutting tool,oil dispensing carbide wheel glass cutter Material:black handle with black painted,steel head with sand plated,the same quality as filberschnitt. cutting thickness:3-10MM, oil feed glass cutter,Packed with card board box; 240pcs/CTN:41.5x24.5x28.5;G.W.:28KG;N.W.:27KG
Oil Feed Glass Cutter
Glass Cutter
Oil Feed Glass Cutter8809CTOP
oil feed glass cutter,plastic oil feed glass cutter.oil dispensing carbide wheel glass cutter,Carbide Wheels oil-feeding,cutting thickness 3-10mm.the same quality as TOYO.oil feed glass cutter. box;240pcs/CTN:47.5x24.5x28.5;G.W.:14KG;N.W.:13KG
Oil Feed Glass Cutter
Glass Cutter
Oil Feed Glass Cutter8809B
Oil Feed Glass Cutter.Oil dispensing carbide wheel glass cutter.Plastic Handle, Chrome plate,oil-feeding,cutting thickness 3-10mm, the same qyality as TOYO.Oil Feed Glass Cutter.Packed with box:240pcs/CTN:41.5x24.5x28.5;G.W.:14KG;N.W.:13KG
Oil Feed Glass Cutter
Oil Feed Glass Cutter8816ABC
plastic oil feed cutter.Oil dispensing carbide wheel glass cutter.carbide glass cutter.oil feed glass cutter.Material:plastic handle,plated copper stick,top steel. carbide glass cutter.hardness:94 bend resistance:250kgplastic oil feed cutter. Packed with blister;240pcs/CTN:41.5x24.5x28.5;G.W.:12KG;N.W.:11KG
Total:14Pcs 11/14 [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ]
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